Stop Circus Suffering

ADI mission to save circus animals in Guatemala

In April 2018, Guatemala’s ban on the use of animals in circuses came into force.

Banning the use of animals in circuses in April 2017, the government of Guatemala invited ADI to help enforce the law after it came into effect 12 months later, as several circuses were defying the law.

ADI sprang into action, launching Operation Liberty in May 2018, quickly establishing a Temporary Rescue Center in the country to care for the rescued animals until they could be relocated to their forever homes.

ADI rescued 15 tigers and 6 lions: the first animals – tigers Max, Simba, and Kimba – were relocated to their forever home at Big Cat Rescue in November 2019.

The remaining 17 lions and tigers undertook an epic journey to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, arriving on January 21. This marks the conclusion of ADI’s Operation Liberty to assist the Guatemala government enforce a ban on all animals in circuses, and there are now no circuses touring Guatemala with animals.

This has been one of our most complex rescue missions to date but the prize is an end to circus suffering in yet another country and a wonderful new life for the animals.

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Watch as the first animals are rescued!

Please support the long-term care for the animals at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary HOME

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  1. Michelle Sibinovic · 15 May 2018 at 5:50a

    I just donated a second time to get these animals moved to sanctuaries ASAP after reading angry mobs in Guatemala are threatening your compound. I am sickened by this. They have suffered all of their lives and now are being threatened by mobs of savages? What is being done to protect them against these mobs? I hope there are armed guards! Please inform. Thank you.

    1. ADI · 15 May 2018 at 5:50a

      Thank you so much, Michelle!

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