Stop Circus Suffering

Help get circus animals onto the election agenda!

It is eleven years since a British Government first promised a ban on wild animals in circuses – eleven years of animal misery.

When ADI first exposed the savagery of the British circus industry, we were promised a ban under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

When we exposed the vicious abuse of the elephants with the Great British Circus, a public consultation was called and 94.5% of respondents demanded a ban. And a ban was promised.

When we exposed the blows and kicks that rained down on poor Anne the elephant as she stood chained and helpless, back bench MPs voted unanimously, instructing the government to bring forward a ban. A ban was promised and the law drafted, but it was never implemented.

At the last General Election, almost all Members of Parliament (98%) were elected on a manifesto commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. Today, those promises remain unfulfilled.

ADI President Jan Creamer was due to meet Defra next week to discuss moving the ban forward but the meeting has been cancelled following the announcement of the General Election on 8th June. We are working to reschedule.

Perhaps there are those who think we will simply give up on this, frustrated by the broken promises. We will never give up until the abuse is stopped – and you don’t have to either!

Circus animals need you to contact all the Parliamentary candidates in your area (all parties) and urge them to support a ban on wild animals in circuses. It’s important to do this today, as they compile their manifestos.

Write today, urging each party to include a commitment to ban wild animals in circuses in their manifesto:

Contact the Conservative Party »
Contact the Democratic Unionist Party »
Contact the Green Party »
Contact the Labour Party »
Contact the Liberal Democrats »
Contact Plaid Cymru »
Contact the Social Democratic & Labour Party »
Contact the Scottish National Party »
Contact Sinn Fein »
Contact the Ulster Unionist Party »

You may have written before, and the politicians have let you down, but the animals cannot afford for you to give up! Please keep writing.

You can also donate towards our fighting fund for these animals, to ensure ADI continues to expose the suffering and secures lasting protection for animals around the world.


  1. Sharon Stribling · 21 April 2017 at 3:29a

    Please enforce the ban of wild animals in circuses this is cruel and should not be aloud to continue end there suffering they can not speak for themselves.

  2. Pamela Webb · 21 April 2017 at 3:29a

    As I understand it, there are 3 Conservative MP’s who continually vote against the Bill. It’s about time people stopped turning a blind eye and took matters into their own hands. How can three votes stop a majority of members who want the use of animals in circuses to be banned. This is not democratic. We are behind other countries, what sort of message does this send out. Let’s get the Bill passed.

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