Stop Circus Suffering

Save Nala from being returned to the circus!

Nala the lioness was seized from a circus in Colombia in 2008 after her owner was convicted of cruelty.

She presently lives in Jaime Duque Park Zoo near Bogota but as a result of an order of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, in response to a lawsuit filed by the circus, Nala could soon be returned to the circus.


The Secretary of Environment of Bogota also sued and now the State Council is to decide the future of Nala, who has been scarred mentally and physically from her life in the circus.


Latest news

On October 28, 2013, a protest was held in front of the Palacio de Justicia in Bogota, Colombia, to call for Nala the lioness not to be returned to the circus. Council members Roberto Saenz and Diego García and representatives of the Bancada Animalista (council members interested in animal protection issues) also attended the event.

On November 1st, legal action to save Nala was submitted, signed by council members and their advisers, lawyers and ADI South America. The petition to save Nala was also presented, signed by 4,844 people in person and nearly 22,000 online.

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