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With the help of ADI, you can secure a local ban on animal circuses where you live – find out how!

Working together, ADI and our supporters have secured a number of local bans on animal circuses across the US and with your help we can ensure that many more are passed!

We can provide you with guidance and resources to inform and educate legislators in your town and state.

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  1. Kim · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    Election time in the U.S. – this is a good time to e-mail, or talk to the Men & Women, running for Senate, Mayor , Congressmen, ask how the feel about “the Traveling Exotic Animals Protection Act (H.R. 3359) to restrict the use of exotic, non-domestic animals in traveling shows. **** Introduced by Congressmen ‘ Jim Moran” ** will your politician be the first to Ban the Circus in your state??? will they add there name to the bill H.R.3359 ??? Vote for the animals.

  2. michele kirk · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    Excellent story. My Congressman Derek Kilmer.. Port Orchard, Washington is in support of this and all animal welfare bills I have ever contacted him about. Great Congressman.

  3. Laurie · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    The Cicus is inhumane and needs to Stop exploiting animals! These animals deserve to be free and living their life’s where God meant them to be in the wild, not for people to abuse and use! No one likes the Circus, it’s for trashy people and no one cares to see poor animals being used and abused!

  4. Monique Vetrano · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    Hi. How can I make a difference and campaign in Orlando. Thank you?

  5. Evie Dietze · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    how can I help in South Carolina?

  6. Maria Pati · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    Ban the circuses!

  7. Diana Hertel · 25 April 2014 at 11:52a

    How can I help in Pennsylvania

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