Stop Circus Suffering

Over 60 Representatives back TEAPSPA.

Has yours?

61 members of the US House of Representatives have now co-sponsored the Bill to ban the use of wild & exotic animals in circuses – The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA – HR5999 / S3220). We need your help to double this total. Check today if your Congress member is a co-sponsor.
A huge thank you to the latest six co-sponsors Congressman Danny K. Davis, Rep. Jim Cooper, Rep. Donald M. Payne Jr., Congressman Scott Peters, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, and Rep. Mike Quigley – please thank them. Thank you to everyone who is contacting their members of Congress.
Circus animals are forced to perform unnatural tricks, and are confined, chained and beaten. Almost 50 countries have banned these cruel acts, as have 108 local US jurisdictions, but in the US elephants continue to live in chains, and tigers and bears on the backs of trucks, in the name of entertainment. These animals need TEAPSPA.
You can see who has already co-sponsored TEAPSPA here.
If your Congress member has already signed up, thank them – let them know their support matters. If your Congress member has not signed up, you can ask them to support TEAPSPA here.

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