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Another statewide circus ban!

Maryland bans the use of exotic animals in circuses and other traveling shows

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has signed a bill to ban the use of exotic animals in circuses and other traveling shows. This makes it the fifth US state with such a ban, joining New Jersey, Hawaii, California and Colorado. The bill prohibits species including elephants, big cats, bears and nonhuman primates. Violators will face a $2,000 civil penalty.
In the US, please urge your Congress members to support the reintroduction of the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act
If you live in New York or Massachusetts, please help advance similar state bills.
New York state legislature is considering bills to restrict use of animals in circuses. S4363A, to prohibit issuance of permits authorizing use of wild animals in circuses or traveling animal acts, is on the Senate floor. Urge your Senator to support it:
In Massachusetts, H.3245, to ban the use of elephants, big cats, primates, giraffes, and bears in traveling exhibits and shows statewide, is currently in the House Ways & Means Committee. Please urge your legislators to support H.3245:

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