Stop Circus Suffering

Boise bans wild and exotic animal acts!

Another US town says ‘no’ to circus suffering!

Cheers to Boise, Idaho for passing a ban on the display and ownership of wild and exotic animals!

The ban, which the city passed along with several other animal protection measures, means that there are now 108 US jurisdictions with full or partial bans on traveling animal acts.

Animals in circuses suffer confinement and deprivation as they are trucked from town to town in small, barren vehicles. We are glad to see more municipalities recognize that exhibiting stressed animals in public is neither educational nor entertaining. Rather, it’s a cruel practice for animals, and a threat to human spectators.

Help us keep pushing for a nationwide ban in the US by urging your legislators to support TEAPSPA (Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act), the federal bill to ban traveling animal acts. Find talking points, sample letters and ways to contact your representatives here.

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