Stop Circus Suffering

Colorado ban on wild animal circus acts makes swift progress

SB20-125 has passed the Senate and next moves to the House.

The bill to ban wild animal circuses in Colorado passed its third reading in the State Senate on Wednesday, February 26, with a vote of 18-14 in favor of the legislation. The bill, also known as the Traveling Exotic Animal Safety Protection Act (TEASPA), now heads to the State House of Representatives. Introduced just last month, the bill is quickly moving through the legislative process.

Help keep up the momentum: In Colorado, urge your state legislators to support SB20-125. Find their details here.

Thanks to Colorado bill sponsors Sens. Joann Ginal and Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado, and to State Representative Meg Froelich and State Representative Monica Duran for authoring the bill. Thanks also to local advocates Michelle DeLaria, Roland Halpern, and Colorado Voters for Animals.


  1. Maya · 25 February 2020 at 10:35a

    Really hope this goes into play. Theres a renaissance every year and I hate that people are so quick to spend money to ride the elephants all day. They never get a break except for at night I’d assume, and the entire time they’re walking they are poked behind their legs to keep walking in a countless circles. The renaissance of course travels. But they can leave those elephants wherever they call home. Hopefully I never have to see those poor animals there again.

  2. Haley · 25 February 2020 at 10:35a

    This is a huge movement for the well-being of these precious animals. They have no voice, no rights, and are unable to defend themselves. We as humans can put an end to the suffering and torture these animals endure every single day. It is my hope that Colorado passes this bill.

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