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ADI denies approval of Zippo’s Circus

It has been reported in the press that Zippo’s Circus have claimed to have the approval of ADI for their transportation and training methods.

Zippos pony in stall

This is total fabrication and if the report is correct, it is typical of the lies of these animal circuses in their desperate attempts to prop up their failing shows, which everyone knows cause untold suffering to animals. ADI has never, and will never, approve any circus animal acts whatsoever.

Our research over the past fifteen years is now supported by solid independent scientific evidence of the suffering caused to animals during captivity and transport. This evidence shows that the abnormal, stereotypic behaviours seen in all circus animal species, are clear indicators that the animals cannot cope with their environment, and are suffering as a result. Zippo’s clearly just want to wring every penny of profit they can out of their animals, before casting them aside.

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