Stop Circus Suffering

ADI Local Authority Action

Animal Defenders International have surveyed the UK’s local authorities to update records of policies on animal circuses. Of 472 contacted, 318 (67%) responded.

Encouragingly, fewer and fewer councils are allowing animal circuses on their land. Some 123 responsible councils (39% of respondents) have banned all performing animals. Although it is disappointing that 54 councils (17%) still permit circuses with domestic animals, it is encouraging that these have taken the step of banning wild animals. ADI evidence shows that deprivation may be even worse for domestic animals, with horses often tethered for long periods, on short ropes, restricting their movements.

72 councils (22.5%) have no ban, or say they only allow members of the Circus Proprietors’ Association. A further 69 councils said that they never receive requests, have no suitable land, or the issue is not their responsibility.

Although promising, the survey shows there are still many councils that need to be persuaded of the facts about animal circuses, and for that we need your help.

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