Stop Circus Suffering

ADI steps up international circus campaign in Greece

One of the biggest animal protection campaigns Greece has ever seen is being launched this week by Animal Defenders International (ADI) with 50 Greek-based animal welfare groups in Crete, Thessaloniki, Athens, and Halkida. The campaign aims to end the use of animals in Greek circuses.

Tim Phillips is interviewed during the launch

The Greek launch follows circus campaigns in the UK, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, and South America. Video evidence collected by ADI has secured bans on animal circuses in Costa Rica and Singapore. This month both the UK and Scottish Parliaments have also committed to ban wild animals in travelling circuses.

ADI’s Campaigns Director Tim Phillips said in Greece: “The Greek launch video pulls no punches about the reality of life for circus animals showing the confinement and deprivation the animals endure on the road and the violence inflicted on them behind the scenes. The video also pinpoints the dangers of keeping animals in travelling menageries and how the public are put at risk – recently highlighted in Greece when zebras escaped from a circus here. With interviews on Crete TV, Greek Cable TV and National TV, our campaign has got off to a great start.”

Campaigners are optimistic following bans on animal circuses in Thessaloniki and Patras. They aim to use the launch video to lobby members of the public, municipalities and the Government. The Greek campaign materials were sponsored by the Greek Animal Welfare Fund, and some 50 Greek-based animal protection groups (listed below) have already pledged to back the campaign.

Greek animal protection groups

Milos Friends of the Animals
“Chrysalis” Malia, Crete
Animal Welfare Society Serron
Lefkas Animal Welfare Society
Volunteers for the Care of Stray Animals – EPAZ Saronida
Animal Welfare Action Iraklio Crete
Chios Society of Friends of Animals
Achaic Society for the care of animals
Movement for Animal Rights- Ioannina -KI.DI.ZO.
Giorgos Papadopoulos Korinthos
Animal Welfare Society “Argos” , Katerini
Friends of the strays , N.Mihaniona, Thessaloniki
Cretan Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare Society Xanthi
Fthiotida Animal Welfare
Poros Animal Welfare Society
Imathia Animal Welfare Society ΖΟΗ
Animal Shelter of the University of Patras
Leros Animal Lovers
Kefalonia Animal Trust
Zacynthos Animal Welfare Fund
Paros Animal Welfare Society
Rhodes Animal Welfare Society
Stray Animal Care Organization Pilea
Animal Welfare N.Filadelfeia
Kalamata Animal Welfare Society (KAWS)
Mary O connor, Ioannina
“Argos” Thessaloniki
Halkida Animal Welfare
The Ark – Corfu
Stray Animal’s Shelter Markopoulo , KAZ
Aesops Friends of the Animals Kavala
The Organisation of the Animal Friends “The Hope”, Aridaia
Animal Welfare Group “Ymittos”
Friends of the Animals, Rethymno
Friends of the Cat , Athens
Animal Welfare Komotini
Animal Welfare Society of Lesvos PAN
Alonnisos Society form Animal Protection
Ecological and Animal Welfare Kos
Animal Welfare Ag. Nikolaos , Crete
Animal Lovers of South Pelion
Animal Welfare and Ecological Society Mazi Boroume
“The Friends of Animals” N. Makri
Z.O.E.S. Volunteers of Salamina
Animal Association of Halkida “Animal Peace” , Halkida
Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare , Hania, Crete
Municipality of Santorini

Stop Circus Suffering: join the global campaign to end the abuse of animals

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