Stop Circus Suffering

ADI supports campaign partner Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) in rally against cruelty to animals

Animal Defenders International are proud to have been working with ARAN for several years now, on campaigns to end the suffering and abuse of animals in travelling circuses and the use of animals in experiments. Both campaigns show that together we can make a difference; we can stop the needless suffering of animals.

Tim Phillips, ADI Campaigns Director gave a message to the rally: “ADI Field Officers have worked undercover to expose the horrific abuse of animals all over the world in laboratories and circuses. In Ireland we exposed animals in dreadful conditions, a camel being hit in the face with a broom handle and elephant being kicked and then punched in the face. Our investigations and reports have been followed by the tireless work of ARAN and campaigners who have secured animal circus bans in Cork and Fingal, and with national legislation being discussed at Ministerial level.”

“Indeed, the Stop Circus Suffering campaign has shown perhaps more than any other animal rights campaign, that investigations and exposés can be used to galvanise public and political interest.”

“Currently Parliaments in Greece, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru are all considering moves to ban the use of animals in travelling circuses. And, after delay after delay, the UK should be about to revise its proposals on the issue. We believe that it is unprecedented that six countries are considering legislative moves to ban an area of animal abuse simultaneously. All of these moves follow ADI exposés and all show that together we can profoundly change the fate of animals. And, whilst national legislation success is a way of drawing a line and saying “Never again” these campaigns can be successful at so many levels, be it reaching the public who attend or local government who often license or lease land.”

“In the coming months the Commission will be issuing its proposals for new rules for animals experiments across Europe – a chance to save animals that seemed beyond hope, in countries you perhaps considered beyond reach. It is vital that together we rise to these challenges. So do not doubt that there will be requests to write to MEPs or Ministers.”

“These are not easy battles, they never are when the stakes are high, and there will be disappointments, but together we are making a difference and it is vital that we never give up. And with every victory, with every step forward, there is a new glimmer of hope for another animal somewhere in the world.”

“Thank you for supporting this “Stop Cruelty to Animals in Ireland” event and for giving animals hope.”

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