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Comments from the ADI veterinary surgeon who inspected Anne

Anne appeared to be suffering from muscle wastage and severe hind leg lameness

Anne at Bobby Roberts Super Circus

Simon JR Adams BSc. BVMS. MRCVS, Independent Zoo & Wildlife Veterinary Adviser

“I examined Anne on 19 June 2002, when she appeared to be suffering from muscle wastage and severe hind leg lameness. This could be caused by arthritis of the joints, slipped disk, old fractures, peripheral nerve disease or muscle disease. Whatever the cause Anne is unstable and this is likely to worsen with age, in my opinion. Indeed, travelling all over the country, bouncing around in the back of a lorry is likely to be a huge strain on her weakened hind legs. Elephants cannot lie down for long periods of time like other animals, to rest their legs, as this can kill them. Anne has clearly gained weight since I last examined her, but unfortunately the greater her weight the greater the strain on her failing hindquarters.

In my opinion, it is in Anne’s best welfare interests if she is retired from circus life, to stop the long distance travelling she has to endure and before her instability causes her fall and injure herself, or members of staff or the public.”

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