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Denmark set to ban all wild animal circus acts!

A partial ban already exists, with zebras, elephants and sea lions still permitted.

F: Bailey Brothers Circus, Illinois Penny the zebra escaped twice from her pen in four days. She would put her head through the metal railings and lift the hinges to escape. She also barged the railings and paced when her companion pony, Tony, was away performing. Penny would also try to escape when workers moved her from the enclosure to her trailer, pulling and kicking. Occasionally, she bit circus workers and members of the public.

The government of Denmark is to propose a ban on the use of ALL wild animals in circuses when the country’s parliament resumes in October. A partial ban is already in place, with elephants, zebras and sea lions the only species still permitted. Thankfully, this looks set to change in the near future, with the government announcing that it will spend 11 million krone ($1.6 million) on the purchase of the country’s four remaining circus elephants. It is not yet known where Ramboline, Lara, Djunga and Jenny will end up but it will likely be a zoo.

ADI continues to campaign, along with Eurogroup for Animals, of which we are a member, to stop circus suffering across Europe. To find out how you can help and take action, sign up to our email alerts today.

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