Stop Circus Suffering

Urge your MSP to attend circus bill debate THIS THURSDAY!

The bill to ban wild animals in circuses in Scotland will be debated this Thursday 5 October so please contact your MSP today urging them to support the proposed legislation which would see Scotland become the first UK nation to stop circus suffering!

There are presently no circuses with wild animals based in Scotland, however, these have visited from England in recent years and until the new law is in place there is a risk they could come from further afield. Just last year, after The Netherlands banned wild animal acts, a circus travelled with three elephants some 500 miles, including a gruelling 20-hour ferry journey, to Ireland. This could happen in Scotland, especially as an increasing number of countries, 40 to date, have adopted restrictions on animal circus acts.

When Thomas Chipperfield brought his lions and tigers to overwinter in Fraserburgh a few years ago, ADI revealing the conditions in which the animals were forced to live, there was a public outcry. Prevented from performing in England over welfare failings, the big cat circus trainer went on to tour Wales and has since remained in Staffordshire where ADI again documented the animals living in cages on the back of a truck, with restricted access to an exercise area. This is no life for a wild animal and without a ban these poor big cats could once again be trucked up to Scotland.

This is our chance to end the suffering once and for all. We don’t have much time so please take action today!

Contact your MSP here, requesting that they attend the debate and support the swift passage of the bill to ban wild animals in travelling circuses through parliament. Please urge your friends and family to do so too.

Thank you so much for your help. Together we can secure the ban that the public want and the animals so desperately need.

To help ADI continue to expose circus suffering please donate here.

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