Stop Circus Suffering

Veterinarians say no to wild animal circuses!

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe state animals’ “physiological, mental and social requirements” cannot be adequately met in circuses

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) has urged “all European and national competent authorities to prohibit the use of wild mammals in travelling circuses across Europe since there is by no means the possibility that their physiological, mental and social requirements can adequately be met.”

The FVE continues that there is “is little or no educational, conservational, research or economic benefit derived from the use of wild mammals in travelling circuses that might justify their use.”

Read the full FVE statement here.

The evidence is clear – circuses cause animals to suffer and governments need to act! Please support the ADI Stop Circus Suffering campaign to secure change for the animals.

Take action today!

  • In the UK: urge your MP to push for the long-promised ban to be passed
    In the US: urge US legislators to reintroduce the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act

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