Stop Circus Suffering

ADI steps up campaign ahead of vote in Senate

With the Senate expected to vote on a circus ban imminently, ADI is stepping up our Stop Circus Suffering Colombia campaign.

On April 10th, officials, visitors and animal advocates joined renowned musician Chucho Merchan urging Colombia’s Congress to vote for Bill 244/12 which would prohibit the use of animals in circuses.

Merchan presented his new album to Congress, “Consciousness Revolution,” featuring 15 songs devoted to animals. “Circussoulless” was the hit of the day, expressing the urgency of securing the ban.

A big thank you to ADI’s friend Chucho, to the members of Congress who support this bill, especially Senator Camilo Sanchez, Rep. Hugo Velasquez, President of the House of Representatives Augusto Posada, also to Chiguiro Study Production, CafeBar REC and of course everyone who has supported the campaign.

  • Find out more about Stop Circus Suffering Colombia here
  • Watch video of Chucho Merchan’s performance here


  1. Janice wood · 16 April 2013 at 12:49a

    Thank you for helping these beautiful creatures big and small. Humans are capable of awful cruelty. It must stop..

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