Stop Circus Suffering

New York State bans elephant acts!

The “elephant protection act” will prohibit the use of elephants in entertainment acts.

GOOD NEWS FOR ELEPHANTS! New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has signed into law the “elephant protection act” to prohibit the use of elephants in entertainment acts. The bill, sponsored by State Senator Terrence Murphy, will take effect October, 2019. Hopefully, the next step will be to BAN ALL WILD ANIMALS FROM CIRCUSES, as New York City did in June of this year.

The momentum is there to end the suffering of ALL wild animals – please get involved today and bring that day closer:

Help ADI expose and campaign to Stop Circus Suffering worldwide:


  1. marcia · 20 October 2017 at 11:54a

    is this ban effective for the ENTIRE STATE of NY???????i hope not limited to the city If so,that is stupid and assinine Why is effective date a FULL YEAR from now?????????it should be 6 weeks after law signed Another year of abuse and hell for elephants Shriners continue with their pretend cute circus while the elephants suffer

  2. Alpina Chilton · 20 October 2017 at 11:54a

    We want to end the abuses and sufferings all the wildlife animals that they endure day after day, and weeks at a time, preparing for several show on daily basis. And the animals are on a strict schedule putting pressure on them. How can they be cagedup on solitude confinement all their lives for circus acts performances? We cannot standby and see how it is affecting these animals, who are overwhelmed with loud noises the audiences make clapping and cheering them on with loud noises to their ears, then to later being taken back into being cagedup, not being fed properly, being dehydrated, and having no rest time to roam freely without being hit with a sharp edged sticks to enforce them to do tricks they don’t want to do. It’s very sad and must stop. The sooner the better for the quality of their lives. They cannot live their entire lifes suffering so much loveliness. Please understand that they are animals first not performers. Please stop all wildlife animals from performing. Thank you!
    Alpina Chilton, Wildlife Animals Supporter

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