Stop Circus Suffering

Oppose Oklahoma bill that says this isn’t cruelty


Established by former Carson & Barnes circus owners D.R. and Isla Miller, the Endangered Ark Foundation (EAF) in Hugo, Oklahoma is a so-called “sanctuary” where retired circus elephants are continually subjected to demeaning performances and public contact – something legitimate sanctuaries NEVER allow. When the public is near animals the size of elephants, behind-the-scenes threats and abuse is how the elephants are controlled – bullhooks used in ‘free contact’ are weapons to keep the animals in line. Even worse, an Oklahoma state bill (HB 2895) would deem/codify that ‘free contact’ at the EAF; including the use of bullhooks and other tools used to harm elephants would NOT be considered animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, HB 2895 has already passed the state House and is now in the Senate Agriculture and Wildlife Committee.

STOP CRUELTY IN ITS TRACKS. If you live in Oklahoma, please contact your legislators and Committee members and urge them to VOTE NO on HB 2895:

GET A FEDERAL BAN – please ask your legislators to support TEAPSPA (HR2863/S2121), the federal bill to ban traveling animal acts nationwide.


  1. Michelle Setaro · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a

    Animals are beaten to learn to perform unnatural “tricks”. They are chained or caged in enclosures. They transported from venue to venue. This is no way for ANY sentient being, especially animals that travel miles every day. Please, their lives are hellish. Please ban Animal acts. Have mercy.

    Kind regards

  2. Lance Kammerud · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a


  3. Vicki Brown · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a

    This is just sad and wrong and unbelievable that it is still allowed.

    We have to do whatever it takes to stop this inhumane and cruel actions that are imposed on all circus animals.

    Being beaten and caged and chained is not the life they should live.

  4. Marie · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a

    Wild animals are WILD! It is 2020 and traveling circuses must end. These animals can and have spread disease to humans let alone the immense repetitive suffering they must endure or else undergo beatings and hooking. European countries have banned CIRCUSES. Why does our great country allow such cruelty for profit?

  5. Andrea Schwartz · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a

    “The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?” Jeremy Bentham, philosopher, 1748 – 1832.

    Social responsibility, ecological preservation and evolution of consciousness are the challenges of this age. It is evident that we have not yet fully evolved as a society when the unconscionable practices, cruelty and inhumane suffering of ALL afflicted animals (no matter what the reason), is still a reality in the 21st century. On the contrary, it’s despicable!

  6. Janice Ann Rossi · 15 March 2020 at 7:25a

    No animal should have to “live” like this!! These animals are beaten and starved into submission, with the threat of the bullhook always present!! Please stop the abuse!! No more animal abuse!!

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