Stop Circus Suffering

ADI Goes Wild in Los Angeles!

Critical decision on ordinance to protect circus animals to be made by Los Angeles City Council.

In the coming weeks, the Los Angeles City Council will be making a critical decision on an ordinance to protect circus animals.

A critical discussion on animal circuses of the City Council’s PAW Committee is planned for either Tuesday November 13, or Tuesday November 20 – we need you to be there and speak for the animals!

ADI has been staging some attention grabbing street theater outside City Hall to draw attention to animal suffering in traveling circuses. First, an upbeat menagerie of costumed animals delivered letters to Councilmembers, urging them to pass a ban on all wild animals in traveling circuses.

Then on another day, ADI’s ring mistress whipped two costumed lions alongside undercover photographs of a white tiger circus training session infiltrated by ADI. The ringmistress and the animals then delivered letters to Councilmembers.  During the ADI video footage the trainer repeatedly screams at the tigers, beats and whips them and even picks up circus props and hurls them at the frightened animals (as seen in the picture above).




Over 3,000 people have signed our paper and online petitions.  Sign online today!

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, contact Mayor Villaraigosa and the City Council today. See here:

Please work in your community to pass a wild animal circus ban. Contact our Los Angeles office at to find out how!

With the election over, urge your Member of Congress to put wild animals on their list of priorities by co-sponsoring the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (HR 3359), which aims to ban wild animals from traveling circuses in the US.

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