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ADI partners with CLAWS for ‘Break the Chain’ campaign

ADI partners with Citizens Looking for Animal Welfare Solutions (CLAWS) to encourage locals to stay away from the Beja Shrine Circus.

Animal protection group asks citizens to boycott Beja Shrine Circus

Animal Defenders International (ADI), a leading animal protection group, has partnered with Citizens Looking for Animal Welfare Solutions (CLAWS) to encourage locals to stay away from the Beja Shrine Circus, which will perform with captive circus animals from March 4 – 6, 2011 at the Brown County Arena in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

CLAWS, a local group of animal lovers and protectors, works with city and state politicians to educate and inform the public about positive actions for more humane treatment of animals. It holds peaceful protests and encourages local residents to reconsider attending circuses that feature animal performances.

“Before a local resident buys a ticket to the Shrine Circus, people should know that they will pay to see an animal who has suffered for their entertainment,” said Marilyn Roffers, of CLAWS. “If entertainment is what people want, there are plenty of circuses that offer incredible human performances without forcing any animals to suffer.”

Jan Creamer, President of ADI, said, “ADI applauds CLAWS for its work in raising awareness in Green Bay on behalf of animal welfare. For far too long, animals have been tortured for our entertainment and our goal through Break The Chain is to stop their suffering once and for all.”

As the leader of the Break The Chain campaign, ADI works with animal rights and welfare organizations across the U.S. to bring awareness on a local grassroots level to the communities in which animal circuses perform. Providing campaign assistance, program guidance and educational materials to local campaigners, ADI also reaches out to local governments to communicate its scientific findings to end circus suffering.

For more than 18 years, ADI has effectively produced overwhelming and undeniable evidence of suffering of animals in circuses as a result of extreme confinement, the constant traveling nature of these shows, and cruel training practices.

ADI’s two-year undercover investigation on circus cruelty shocked the world, resulting in major changes in the U.S., South America and European countries.

Courts in many countries have used ADI’s evidence to prosecute offenders while governments have been compelled to change laws in favor of partial or complete bans, such as the recent passing of Bolivian law 4040, which prohibits any and all use of animals in Bolivian circuses.

TV presenter and famed animal rights advocate Bob Barker has generously supported ADI’s objectives as an ADI Ambassador. He recently funded ADI’s historic Operation Lion Ark, a harrowing air transport and rehoming of 25 lions to Denver from Bolivia, which ADI fully emptied of its circus animals earlier this month.

About Citizens Looking for Animal Welfare Solutions (CLAWS):
Citizens Looking for Animal Welfare Solutions is a group of concerned animal lovers from the Green Bay, WI area. Its mission is to help promote the welfare of animals through education, advocacy, and positive action. It advocates for the humane treatment of animals, awareness of animal exploitation and cruelty, and offers humane solutions. Learn more about CLAWs at

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