Stop Circus Suffering

Asheville, NC bans wild animal performances

Council extends US Cellular Center wild animal prohibition city-wide

ADI is celebrating after Asheville Councilmembers voted unanimously to ban wild animals from circuses throughout the city. ADI congratulates the council for their leadership, which expands their policy decision earlier this year to ban wild animal acts from the city’s US Cellular Center.

ADI shared evidence with the council and worked with local advocates Asheville Voice for Animals early on to draft a ban which protects all wild animals by a complete ban on such performances. This marks the 60th local US jurisdiction to address circus suffering.

ADI previously introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, with now retired Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), to ban the use of wild and exotic animals from performing in travelling circuses across the US.

Help ADI reintroduce the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act in the 114th Congress!


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