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Austin to investigate circus animal suffering

Councillor Leffingwell meets with CSI actress Jorja Fox at a press conference held by ADI at City Hall and confirms he will look into circus cruelty in Austin.

Councillor Leffingwell meets with Jorja Fox at City Hall in Austin.

Councillor Leffingwell accepts scientific report and undercover footage from actress Jorja Fox and promises to look into the issue.

Austin – Today at City Hall, Councillor Leffingwell met with CSI actress Jorja Fox at a press conference held by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and confirmed he would certainly look in to the issue of circus animal cruelty in Austin. He accepted a letter, report and DVD from Jorja Fox, on behalf of the campaigning group, which asks for the City Council to consider a ban on animal circuses in light of the evidence presented by ADIs report and undercover footage.

After receiving the scientific report and undercover footage, which shows animals suffering and abused at the hands of circus trainers, he confirmed that every year Austin Council receives numerous comments from the public concerned about the treatment of animals in circuses. Footage on the tape includes an elephant beaten and brought to her knees by a circus handler wielding a golf club.

Councillor Leffingwell said:¬†“I think just about every year when the circus comes to town we get a lot of emails and comments about the treatment of animals, specifically elephants.”

He added: “I know its a matter of concern to people in the community, I think it is something, certainly, we will take a look at.”

Jorja Fox was thrilled to have been able to meet the Councillor and hand over the letter and has been supporting ADIs campaign in to move for a ban on animal circuses in America.

Jan Creamer ADI USA President said: “We are heartened that the people of Austin have already demonstrated their compassion for these animals, that the Council are responding, and we look forward to the city joining the many others around the world that have said no to this cruelty.”

Some of the worst abuse revealed at todays launch featured a trainer from Cut and Shoot north of Houston who was filmed by ADI viciously beating an elephant and even dragging the animal to its knees and kicking it in the face.

Jan Creamer: “We believe Texans will be horrified that such cruelty could be taking place on their doorstep.”

View photos from the press conference here

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