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Award for Leadership

The Performing Animal Welfare Society has presented ADI’s Jan Creamer & Tim Phillips with The Rebecca Award.

Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, Rebecca Award

The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), has presented ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, and Campaigns Director, Tim Phillips, with The Rebecca Award “For their courage, commitment, and international leadership in exposing cruel training and travel practices of circuses through their documentation of the science of animal suffering.”

The special award is named after Rebecca, a 48 year old Asian elephant who toured with Circus World and the Blue Unit of Ringling Bros throughout the USA. In September 2001, Rebecca was brought to PAWS where she joined the Asian elephants Tammy and Annie at the wonderful facility in California.

Jan said: “We especially appreciate receiving such a prestigious award from PAWS for whom we have so much respect and admiration. The award acknowledges the huge impact that the team we have led at ADI for 20 years, has had on this cruel industry.”

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