Stop Circus Suffering

Break the Chain Supporters Spend 3 Days Protesting UniverSoul Circus in Inglewood

Supporters from across Southern California protest against UniverSoul Circus,

“Break the Chain” supporters from all over Southern California joined ADI in protesting UniverSoul Circus this past Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Dozens of brave campaigners worked into the evening hours, holding signs, passing out leaflets, and informing the public of what life is really like for animals in traveling circuses. Thanks to their hard work, hundreds of people were made aware of circus suffering. This is one of several protests planned throughout the Spring and Summer to help Break the Chain!


Get Involved!

  • Join ADI’s Break the Chain campaign and find out about grassroots action you can take for circus animals wherever you are in the country. Contact our Los Angeles office and ask to be added to our action alert list at or call 323-935-2234.
  • Help keep our investigators in the field exposing the truth about how animals are treated in circuses. We can’t do it without you. Make a donation today!

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