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Cambridge MA passes wild animal circus ban

Roars of approval to Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council  has voted unanimously to ban wild animals from traveling shows!

Cambridge becomes the seventh town in Massachusetts to ban wild animals in circuses along with Braintree, Plymouth, Quincy, Revere, Somerville and Weymouth. More than 50 US jurisdictions now have some form of ban or restriction on such acts, and 31 countries ban them nationwide!

ADI reached out to the Cambridge Council with its data/evidence and is now working with both houses in Massachusetts to draft a state bill. Thank you to everyone who helped secure the ban. Our other legislative work includes NY, PA, CA, HI, and the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) federally.

Times are changing as everyone comes to learn this cruel industry is dangerous for animals and humans.

Make change for animals in the US


  1. Gusta Volkers · 24 February 2016 at 3:51a

    All animals have rights, no wild animal should be held in captivity for entertainment.

  2. Catherine Kaylor South · 24 February 2016 at 3:51a

    That is FANTASTIC … ALL Circuses that Involve Animals NEEDS to be Shut Down … it is Inhumane Cruel and EVIL to use AND Abuse Animals all for the Entertainment of the Human Being … it NEEDS to END NOW … NO animal should EVER be Used AND abused for Egotistical Human’s Entertainment and GREEDINESS of the Owners of the Circus …. Thank you City Council …. How we treat OUR Animals IS a Reflection of who we are and that Reflection is pretty damn BAD right now ….

  3. Carey Abbs · 24 February 2016 at 3:51a

    Please END this hideous cruel existence for these beautiful sentient beings that deserve to be free!

  4. Kelly · 24 February 2016 at 3:51a

    Circuses do not need animal acts to be entertaining. Cambridge, MA. just helped the whole nation by banning wild animal acts that are not only cruel to the animals but dangerous to people.

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