Stop Circus Suffering

Celebrities backing the ADI Stop Circus Suffering USA campaign

Read what celebrities have to say about ADI’s Stop Circus Suffering USA campaign

Alicia Silverstone.
Star of “Miss Match,” “Clueless,” “Beauty Shop,” “Batman & Robin”:
“I am opposed to using animals in circuses. Animals like lions, tigers, and elephants belong in the wild, not suffering in tiny cages and being abused in order to get them to do tricks for our entertainment. Humans in circuses are way cooler. That is real talent and beauty. ADI Rocks! I support the campaign!”

Kristy McNichol.
Two time Emmy winner:
“Even as a kid, I was heartbroken to see those animals so humiliated in front of cheering crowds. I’m glad people are finally starting to understand the suffering they endure. Welcome to the U.S. ADI!”

Anna Maria Horsford.
Lead roles in “Entourage,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Shield,” “The District,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” “I Tried,” “Pretty Ugly People”:
“I fully support ADI’s campaign to end the suffering of animals in circuses. Given what we know about the emotions and intelligence of these animals, it is not acceptable to keep them confined in cages and force them to do “tricks. Let’s end this now.”

Dan Piraro.
Creator of the vastly popular cartoon series “Bizarro.”:
“Like children all over the world, l grew up loving circuses and being charmed by the animals I saw there. As an adult, I’ve become aware of both the ability of these animals to suffer under confinement, and their intense desire to live a free and natural life. I still enjoy the circus as an art form, but only when all of the performers are willing, human participants. I support ADI in their belief that circuses benefit when they exclude the suffering of some for the amusement of others.”

Tana Frederick.
Hollywood actress: Irene in Time (2008) … Irene; Rising Shores (2007) … Stephanie; Hollywood Dreams (2006) … Margie Chizek; Inescapable (2003):
“This organization provides solid, successful means for us to take action in stopping the mishandling of animals – they employ dedicated, passionate individuals to uncover and stop what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in circus productions where the dressing rooms are less than ideal for our furry and four footed actors…They have no union to protect themselves – we’re lucky Animal Defenders International does!”

Shelley Morrison.
“Will and Grace”:
“Ever since I was a child I was loathe to go to a circus that had animals performing tricks. I knew, even then the cruelty of the usage of these magnificent beings. Every living thing is sacred. Animals are our teachers, not our slaves. I fully support the ADI in their effort to stop this abuse of these animals. The cruelty must end..NOW”

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