Stop Circus Suffering

CIRCUS NO MORE at North Carolina festival!

Cole Bros. Circus will not return to Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC this year

After 30 years of hosting Cole Bros. Circus, the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina has announced the circus is not returning! Organizers say the cancelation is because the circus is not touring this year, which has yet to be confirmed. ADI has been educating the festival’s board about the inherent cruelty and public safety risks of traveling exotic animal acts with the help of local advocate Andrea Russo.

Festival President Robby Collins said: “Next year, we are open to other family entertainment to fill the void left by the circus. We are completely open to all different ideas.”  Please send a thank you to the festival and urge them to leave animal acts or exhibits out of next year’s new attraction.

All over the world more and more people are saying “Stop Circus Suffering” – get involved today!

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