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Death of two Commerford Zoo elephants confirmed

Commerford Zoo’s last elephant, Minnie, is now alone.

Following increasing concerns as to the whereabouts of Commerford’s African elephant Karen, the US Department of Agriculture’s agency APHIS confirmed to Nonhuman Rights Project and Western Mass News on September 20 that she died back in March. The tragic news comes five days after another of the zoo’s elephants, Beulah, died after collapsing three times at the Big E Fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where she was used as a photo prop. Karen had not been seen publicly since July 2018. Commerford’s last elephant, Minnie, is now on her own.

Please urge Commerford Zoo to do the right thing by Minnie and release her to sanctuary. Email: or call (860) 491-3421.

If you live in Massachusetts, call your legislators TODAY and urge them to support S.2028/H.2934, to ban traveling wild animal acts in the Commonwealth/state. Find their details here.

Photo: Gigi Glendinning


  1. Randall K. Foreman · 25 September 2019 at 10:12a

    And here I was thinking Massachusetts was an enlightened state. Guess I was wrong. Is Commerford the exception or the rule?

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