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Interview with rapper Remo Conscious

Rapper Remo Conscious, celebrity supporter of our campaign to end animals in circuses, speaks to ADI.

Remo Conscious

We are gearing up to a major push in the US with new campaign materials which will be available soon. This will feature some never before seen footage collected by ADI Field Officers behind the scenes in US circuses. We are also grateful to rapper Remo Conscious who gave up his time to record the voice-over for the new DVD we are currently editing for Stop Circus Suffering USA.

Remo has extremely strong views on the abuse of animals, as he recently told Jennifer Blum ADI America Program Director:

ADI: How did you get started in hip-hop, and what sorts of issues do you focus on in your lyrics?

Remo: I fell in love with hip-hop in the early 1980’s, and immediately connected to it’s raw authenticity. It struck a deep chord within me that I hadn’t known existed. Early on, my favorite artists were rap innovators, like Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow and Eric B and Rakim. When I first heard the song “The Message” by Melle Mel, I made it my personal mission to write music that had social meaning and a positive message.

ADI: Do you receive a lot of backlash for your controversial lyrics?

Remo: With the exception of a few hate emails, the public has been incredibly supportive, and the feedback very positive to my lyrics and my music.

ADI: What do you do for fun when you are not working on music?

Remo: My second favorite passion is photography. So at any given time, you can catch me wandering the streets with a pen and pad in hand, but you’ll also see a 35mm camera slung over my shoulder.

ADI: Are you a vegetarian or vegan, and what led you to those lifestyle choices?

Remo: I aspire to be vegan, because like embracing hip hop, it just made sense to me. I was inspired by a friend of mine 5 years ago who is very active in the vegan community. He bought me the book “Fast Food Nation” and a week later I stopped eating meat. I write about peace and revolutionary change, not just for humans, but all of earth’s creatures. That gives me the responsibility of being part of the solution.

ADI: Why do you feel it is important to help ADI generate exposure regarding the use of animals in entertainment?

Remo: When I was a child I loved the circus and had the idea, like most kids, that the animals were willing participants in their performances. I always had the romantic notion that they were being pampered and were lucky to be a part of such a great show. This is just one more lie that needs to be exposed and ADI is doing it. I’m honored to support this noble organization in any way that I can.

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