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Jim Moran awarded Animal Champion Award

ADI awards Congressman for his dedication to end animal suffering

Retiring Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) has been awarded the Animal Champion Award by ADI in recognition of his tireless animal protection work, especially his efforts to end the use of wild animals in circuses in the United States. Earlier this year Moran announced that, after 23 years as a member of the House of Representatives, he would not seek re-election.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) said “It is an honor to receive the Animal Champion Award and a privilege to work with ADI on landmark animal protection measures. We need to end the use of wild animals in our traveling circuses and bring the United States in line with thirty nations who have already had the sense to act on this issue. Change is possible, and together we can end the terrible suffering of animals.”

ADI President Jan Creamer, speaking from Peru where ADI is assisting the Peruvian Government with the enforcement of its ban on wild animal acts said “Rep. Jim Moran has been a wonderful voice for the animals in Congress and a truly deserving recipient of our Animal Champion Award. Thank you Rep. Moran for your outstanding work to improve the lives of animals, especially those languishing in US circuses. We have no doubt that as we persevere, TEAPA will be passed and that will be another very fitting tribute to the work of Rep. Moran.”

Congressman Moran has been a remarkable advocate for animals throughout his career; as chair of the Animal Protection Caucus, he’s helped to enact bans on animal fighting, horse slaughter, animal abuse videos and the sale of cat and dog fur.

He has worked closely with ADI, twice introducing the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) which seeks to eliminate the use of wild animals in US circuses. Congressman Moran appears in ADI’s award-winning film LION ARK, launching TEAPA with legendary The Price is Right host Bob Barker, CSI star Jorja Fox, and ADI President Jan Creamer. TEAPA enjoys growing support and Rep. Moran’s legacy will live on when TEAPA is reintroduced in the next Congress.

Moran also introduced the Humane Cosmetics Act this year, which seeks to end the use of animals in cosmetic testing within the US and prohibit the import of cosmetics where either the ingredients or final product have been tested on animals. If passed, it would bring the US in line with the European Union, which has banned such practices.

If passed, TEAPA would prevent animals being kept in temporary facilities for extended periods, put a stop to the cruel training and control methods employed by circuses industry-wide, and address serious worker and public safety issues. With TEAPA, the US would join 30 countries around the world that have passed similar legislation, including Mexico, which passed its ban on wild animal acts last week.

ADI is currently working with authorities in Peru and Colombia as they enforce their wild animal circus bans. ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom mission in South America has rescued 30 lions and 10 monkeys to date.

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