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Jorja Fox takes on the elephant abusers in new ADI video

ADI Ambassador Jorja Fox (CSI’s Sarah Sidle) has released a new video for ADI, calling for an end to circus animal abuse.

The 90-second video tells the story of Krissy, an elephant torn from the wild in Africa, who ended up in an American circus where an ADI undercover investigator filmed Krissy being dragged to her knees with a bullhook before being kicked in the face by her Texas-based handler, Mike Swain, who continues to work with elephants, including Krissy (now used for elephant rides at fairs and other events). Krissy and her companion Queenie (aka Boo) were also hit with a golf club and electric shocked with a stun gun, to make them move faster. The brutal scenes are juxtaposed with breathtaking images of a family of wild elephants living free in Zambia.

A Special Message from Jorja.
I’d like to tell you about Krissy the elephant.
In 1984, Krissy was just two years old, a baby still hugging close to her mother’s side, nestled safe in her extended elephant family and roaming free across miles of African bush.

(“This is a bullhook. It’s heavy, it’s sharp, and it hurts. This is the weapon of choice to get elephants to perform tricks to amuse people.”)

We will never know exactly what happened, but baby Krissy was snatched from the wild, wrenched away from her family and home and brought to America. She was passed from one owner to another until she found herself in a traveling circus in the U.S…

Watch our video about Krissy and please pass it on to a friend to watch.

I am proud to have worked with Animal Defenders International for several years, witnessing their incredible rescues first hand – like Operation Lion Ark when they closed down every circus in Bolivia and airlifted 25 rescued lions to safety in Colorado. I’ve also taken part in their amazing initiatives such as the launch of H.R. 3359, The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, in Congress.

ADI really needs your help… to save animals, educate and change the world… together we can end the suffering of animals like Krissy. Please send a donation today.

Thanks, Jorja

  • Watch Jorja’s video! You can see Jorja’s video on the ADI youtube site (, or by clicking here … please pass it on.
  • Click here to donate now and help us expose the suffering of animals like Krissy.


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