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New York City circus ban faces two year delay

New York City’s wild animal circus ban could be delayed another 2+ YEARS.

New York City’s wild animal circus ban, passed last year after more than a decade of work by CM Rosie Mendez, could be delayed another 2+ YEARS. If you live in NYC, the animals need you to take action today – please ask your Councilmembers and the Council Committee on Health to oppose Int 0057-2018.

NYC CM Cornegy introduced Int. 0057-2018 last month to push its effective date from October 2018to December 2020. Another of several attempts by UniverSoul Circus to delay the popular ban, despite strong community and Council support, including that of now Speaker Corey Johnson. The Council already considered their request last year and agreed to a compromise, more than doubling the initial 6-month phase-in, to October 2018.

Find your NYC Councilmember:

Contact the NYC Council Committee on Health:
Inez Barron 718-649-9495

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  1. Danuta Baziuk · 22 February 2018 at 11:10a

    It is heart braking that New York would delay this for 2 more years.What heartless people they are. To continue the suffering of these animals where they are beaten, tazered, tied up with chains, not fed.The baby elephants beaten and forced to perform.Forced to live in cement cages.These representatives have no heart and are totally heartless. Its appalling that they would allow this. A shame to the nation, a shame to new York and the world. Over 40 countries have banned this. Even Bolivia and Peru. New York is shit.the Governor could stop this but obviously he is shit too and has no heart of mercy

  2. Kari Lee Evans · 22 February 2018 at 11:10a

    Please act in good faith and honor the already extended date of October 2018.

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