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Sadness & Madness – Elephant Suffering at the Shriner Circus in Los Angeles

Circus Gatti elephant displays stereotypical behaviour before Los Angeles performance.

Abnormal, repetitive, “stereotypic” behavior takes over – pacing up and down, weaving from side to side, head bobbing and swaying. Animal behaviorists regard these abnormal behaviors as a sign that the animal’s welfare is compromised and it is not coping with its environment. We call it circus madness.

ADI recently filmed a Circus Gatti elephant kept on the Shrine Auditorium Parking Lot prior to the recent Shrine Circus performances in Los Angeles. This footage shows the kind of stereotypic behavior described:

Help ADI bring an end to this terrible suffering.

  • Join ADI’s Break the Chain campaign and find out about grassroots action you can take for circus animals wherever you are in the country. Contact our Los Angeles office and ask to be added to our action alert list at or call 323-935-2234.
  • Help keep our investigators in the field exposing the truth about how animals are treated in circuses. We can’t do it without you. Make a donation today!


  1. valerie flet · 10 April 2013 at 9:30a

    what a existence for this elephant to live this day in day out no welfare is being met.

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