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There’s nothing magical about animal misery

As Fercos Brothers open in Las Vegas, backstage video from ADI reveals animals in tiny cages.

Fercos Brothers lion

As Fercos Brothers open in Las Vegas, backstage video reveals animals in tiny cages

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is urging people to watch a new online video and boycott the Fercos Brothers Magic Show which opened yesterday at Planet Hollywood and runs until January 3rd. The Fercos Brothers’ show, “Untamed Illusions” features exotic animals including a Bengal tiger, a white Siberian tiger, a lion, and a black leopard.

The video features previously unreleased footage behind the scenes of last year’s Fercos Brothers’ tour of South America. Called ‘Animal Misery isn’t Magic’ the video shows a black leopard, a lion and a tiger living in tiny cages. When these magnificent animals are used in the show the video reveals how they are crammed into even smaller cages.

Tim Phillips, ADI Campaigns Director: “In our video these animas are being forced to live in tiny barren cages, the animals have nothing to amuse them. This is as bad as a travelling circus. In Vegas, I have seen spectacular illusions with cars even helicopters used as props. There is simply no need to use wild animals as stage props.

“We are asking people to watch our video and decide for themselves. No matter how much you dress this up with Las Vegas sparkle and illusion, this is still no way to treat wild animals. It is unnatural and unacceptable. ”

Last year, the Fercos Brothers were blocked from taking any animals into Bolivia because of bans on performing animals in several major cities secured by ADI, after public outrage at the suffering of performing animals. The Fercos shows went ahead without animals and the magicians showed that performing animals weren’t needed for a successful show. Bolivia has this year passed national legislation banning all animal circuses.

Click here to see backstage photos from The Fercos Brothers’ South America Tour.

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