Stop Circus Suffering

Salt Lake County bans wild/exotic animal acts!

Wild and exotic animal shows and exhibits have been prohibited in Salt Lake County!

GREAT NEWS: Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued the Executive Order after hearing the community’s concerns and a council meeting where a ban was discussed earlier this year. Our thanks to local TEAPSPA coalition member Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC) and ADI supporters who attended the January meeting and local protests.

Preventing Jordan World Circus from coming back to South Jordan, we now need to stop them coming back to the UCCU Events Center at Utah Valley University, Orem, where ADI filmed circus workers using bullhooks, metal bars and stun guns when two elephants went out of control.

Please politely urge the University President and UCCU director to make it their policy not to host events using wild animals, sharing our investigation video.

Contact Utah Valley University Office of the President:

Contact UCCU Director Jared Kearns:

Across the US, support #TEAPSPA, the federal bill to ban wild animals in traveling acts nationwide:



  1. Robin Dite · 21 August 2020 at 5:57a

    Each step counts! So glad to hear that Salt Lake City County has taken this step to end the animal cruelty. Thank you Salt Lake County!

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