Stop Circus Suffering

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell Congress to protect wild animals in traveling circuses!

Ask your Representative in Congress to support and co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359).

Calls, emails to Congress needed today! 

Click here to view a short video  that lifts the circus tent flap and gives a brief glimpse of the miserable life faced by wild animals behind the scenes in U.S. circuses.

Animals in the circus have not been asked to be there. They are stolen from the wild, babies ripped from their mothers and beaten into submission to perform. Elephants live a majority of their lives in chains. Tigers are crammed in into tiny cages for months on end. This atrocity must end now and we are putting a stop to it. But we can’t succeed without you!

 Contact Congress this week!

Ask your Representative in Congress to support and co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359), a landmark federal bill that aims to protect elephants, tigers, bears and other wild animals from being forced to perform in traveling circuses.

What you can do:

 It is easy to send an email and make a quick call to your member of congress today! Animal Defenders International is leading a big grassroots push to flood Congress with calls and emails. Even if you have already sent a message, please call today!

  • Please send an email message to your Representative in Congress. At you will also find talking points and sample letters if you wish to personalize your email.
  • Then, please follow up with a quick call to Congress. Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Representative’s office.  (Please do not call your Senator at this time as a companion bill in the Senate has not yet been introduced.)
  • Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!
  • We want to hear from you! Please contact Animal Defenders International at and let us know the response you get from your Representative so that we can effectively advance this important legislation.

Tips for calling your Representative:

  • Identify yourself and ask to speak with the staff/aide assigned to issues regarding wildlife and the humane care of animals.
  • Take note of their name and ask the aide to please pass along a message to your Representative that you are encouraging them to support and co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359).
  • You may want to share some examples of why this bill is needed:
    • H.R. 3359 is necessary because no amount of expensive regulation will eliminate the serious threat circuses pose to public safety. Diseases including tuberculosis can be transmitted from animals to humans and animals such as lions, tigers and elephants have all been known to escape and have killed, maimed or injured circus workers, members of the public and children.
    • Regulation will not protect wild animals from a life of ongoing physical and social deprivation. Wild animals in traveling circuses endure confinement, long, grueling journeys, brutal control methods and physical violence.
    • Investigations have revealed circus animals are trained through domination using weapons including bullhooks, whips and electric shocking devices.
    • H.R. 3359 is an important animal protection measure that will relieve an enormous amount of suffering, will save resources and protect people.

Background about H.R. 3359

  • The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, H.R. 3359, will restrict the use of exotic and non-domesticated animals from traveling circuses in the United States.
  • The bill was introduced Nov. 2nd, 2011 by Congressmen Jim Moran (D-VA) and Bill Young (R-FL) and is gaining momentum with 23 co-sponsors and is currently awaiting a hearing in the House Ag Subcommittee of Livestock, Dairy and Poultry.
  • Celebrity protectionists Bob Barker and Jorja Fox were also present for the historic launch of this landmark bill for animal protection in the United States.
  • For the language of the bill, evidence supporting the need and other news and information, please visit:

Join the Campaign!

  • For more information about the grassroots Break the Chain campaign working to end circus suffering, please visit: and visit ADI at
  • To join the Break the Chain Mobile Action Team and receive text alerts about breaking news and action you can take to protect circus animals, text CHAIN to 55678.
  • For questions or to find out how you can help us Break the Chain of circus abuse,

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