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Wild animal acts should have stayed in Roman times – shocking new DVD is previewed at Caesars Palace

To mark the Nevada launch of our Stop Circus Suffering US campaign, ADI held a press conference in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas – To mark the Nevada launch of our Stop Circus Suffering USA campaign, ADI held a press conference at Juno Room in Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip. ADI screened a shocking new DVD and discussed the findings of a new scientific report on the suffering of circus animals. ADI has run a number of successful campaigns in South America and has also undertaken a major push to reach America’s Latin communities with materials, including the DVD, in Spanish.

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The Stop Circus Suffering DVD is a savage indictment of America’s animal circuses and new footage from an ADI undercover investigation in the US includes:

  • An elephant dragged to her knees and kicked in the face.
  • Electric shocks being given to elephants during training sessions, and also shocks to their stomachs when they were walking to the ring to perform.
  • An elephant hit with a golf club.
  • A tiger cub smashed in the face and told to “behave”
  • Elephants chained by the legs barely able to move, tigers living in cages on the backs of lorries, horses and ponies tied on short ropes, monkeys in tiny cages.

ADI’s Science on Suffering report details the scientific evidence that supports the arguments against keeping animals in circuses and compares this to evidence from a pilot study of US animal circuses. The report was delivered to Mayor Goodman, along with a letter from ADI asking for a city-wide circus ban.

The campaign already has several high profile supporters, including Jorja Fox, who joined ADI for a press conference in Austin, Texas on Friday, Alicia Silverstone, Kirsty McNicholl, Anna Maria Horsford, and Dan Piraro.

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Following a preview screening of the new DVD in Las Vegas a new national campaign to end the use of animals in traveling circuses was launched in New York. The disturbing DVD and scientific report was sent to the U.S. congress, as it raises new issues to be addressed politically that will see the campaign escalate in the coming months. Las Vegas was chosen for the preview because it reflects the global shift from performing animals in entertainment to modern shows using human performers.

ADI U.S. President Jan Creamer says: “The abuse captured by the field officers in our expose is truly shocking. In addition to the violence we have uncovered, it is time for the public and community leaders to accept that even with the best will in the world, it is not possible for circuses to adequately care for animals when they are living in temporary accommodation and moving location every week. We have chosen Caesars Palace for this launch because it celebrates the past, but doesn’t live in it. The wild animal circus began in Roman times and now it should be consigned to history.”

ADI rescued a male lion called Caesar from a circus in Portugal and took him to the ADI Rescue Centre in South Africa – footage of this lucky Caesar was shown at the press conference to show the wonderful life denied to the circus animals currently on the road in the USA. Click here for more information…

A major outreach campaign to Nevada’s Latin communities incorporates Spanish versions of the DVD and campaign materials. Having achieved success in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, and with an office in Bogota, ADI believes Latin communities represent a reservoir of compassionate supporters for animal causes who have not yet been mobilised. The Latin American communities are targeted by circuses and have not yet had the opportunity to find out the truth behind the circus shows.

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