Stop Circus Suffering

Ban on traveling wild animal acts introduced in North Carolina!

Another US state moves to stop circus suffering!

Legislation to ban the use of wild animals in traveling shows across North Carolina was introduced this week in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Sponsored by Representatives Cynthia Ball, Pricey Harrison, Joe John, and Susan Fisher, HB 594 is being championed by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and NC Voters for Animal Welfare (NCVAW). ADI provided evidence to support the bill.

Animals in circuses across the US suffer confinement and deprivation in small, barren vehicles and cages, long, arduous journeys, and physical abuse to control them. Exhibiting stressed animals in public in lightweight, temporary accommodations can end in tragedy for animals and humans alike.

ADI President Jan Creamer said: “Circuses and traveling animal shows cannot provide wild animals with the facilities they need to thrive physically and mentally. An increasing number of states and cities are taking a stand against these animals’ suffering—we hope that North Carolina jumps on this opportunity to end this form of cruelty statewide.”

NC Representative Cynthia Ball said: “The public is largely in the dark about the serious danger posed by traveling animal acts. Exotic animals—including bears, lions, tigers, and elephants—suffer from gross mistreatment, resulting in animal disease, the spread of disease between animals and people, and animal escape, which present substantial health, welfare, and safety risks. These traveling acts also place unreasonable burdens on local law enforcement and animal control authorities, and taxpayers wind up footing the bill while circuses profit.”

If you live in North Carolina, please urge your state legislators to support HB 594. Find their contact details here.

We are still pushing for TEAPSPA (Traveling Animal and Public Safety Protection Act), the federal bill to ban traveling animal acts nationwide. Learn more and take action here.

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