Stop Circus Suffering

Vineland City Council, NJ vote unanimously to ban wild animal acts!

Vineland City Councilmembers vote UNANIMOUSLY to ban wild animal acts on public property!

GREAT NEWS TO SHARE! Vineland City Mayor Fanucci spoke out for animals, and the City Councilmembers responded to the call for action with a UNANIMOUS vote to ban wild animal acts on public property! ADI has been working with local campaigner, Adrienne Possenti, and the city to provide evidence and data to secure the ban. THANK YOU Vineland for joining Jersey City, Bergen County, Passaic County, Cumberland County, and Hudson County, NJ, in taking a stand against animal cruelty.

Help ADI make circus suffering a thing of the past – worldwide!


In NJ, ask for an amendment to Nosey’s Law to include ALL wild animals

Support US-wide ban, TEAPSPA

Join the global campaign

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Pictured (left to right): Albert Vargas, David Acosta, Paul Spinelli, Adrienne Possenti (ADI Local Advocate), Ronald Franceschini, Jr., Mayor Anthony Fanucci, Angela Calakos.

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