Stop Circus Suffering

Los Angeles bans wild animal acts!

The legislation goes beyond the California ban passed in 2019.


Legislation to ban wild animal acts in Los Angeles was signed into law on Monday, March 2 by Mayor Eric Garcetti. ADI applauds the City Council for going above and beyond the California statewide circus ban passed last year, by prohibiting the use of wild animals at parties and performing animal shows too (with limited exceptions).

ADI has been pushing to get this ban passed, providing extensive data on the inherent animal welfare issues, since the measure was introduced by Councilmember David E. Ryu in 2017. At a recent City Council meeting to vote on the measure, Ryu said, “It is time that the city of Los Angeles takes action to make clear that treating animals in this way is not in line with our city’s values.”

A huge thanks to Councilmember Ryu, and Councilmembers John Lee, Paul Koretz and Curren D. Price, Jr. on the Personnel and Animal Welfare (PAW) Committee.

Across the US, please support #TEAPSPA, the federal bill to ban wild animals in traveling acts nationwide, and help spread the word.

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