Stop Circus Suffering

Colorado bill to ban circus animal acts passes Senate!

Spread the word and urge Coloradans to contact their representatives!

We’re one step closer to stopping circus suffering in another US state!

Yesterday, the Colorado State Senate voted (20-14) to pass The Traveling Animal Protection Act (SB21-135), to ban wild animals in traveling acts statewide. ADI provided written and oral testimony in support of the bill, which now moves to the State House of Representatives.

If signed into law, Colorado will become the fourth US state to pass a circus animal ban. Passing the ban in Colorado would also help support the campaign for TEAPSPA (Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act), the federal bill to ban traveling animal acts nationwide.

Traveling circuses compromise the welfare of wild animals, who are deprived of their physical and social needs, and spend excessive amounts of time shut in trailers and train cars. Every ban—even those at the city, county, or state level—marks a crucial step towards ending circus suffering worldwide.

If you live in Colorado, contact your state representatives and ask them to support SB21-135. Find Colorado state legislators here.

Please also urge your federal legislators to support TEAPSPA, to ban traveling animal acts nationwide. Find talking points, sample letters and how to contact your representatives here.


  1. Peggy A McClarren · 25 March 2021 at 12:00a

    Long time coming. Lot’s people involved to make this happen. THANK YOU Colorado!!

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